Division of Student Affairs: Graduate Service Assistantships (GSA) Opportunities for SAHE & HEL graduate students

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An important aspect of graduate training in Student Affairs is hands-on experience. At MSU, the graduate program in Student Affairs collaborates closely with MSU’s Division of Student Affairs to offer a diverse array of Graduate Assistantship (GA) opportunities related to work in student-services offices (e.g., Residential Life, Campus Activities, Student Leadership, Career Services, Athletic Academics, and many more). GA experiences deepen theory-practice discussions in the classroom and give our students a competitive edge in the Student Affairs job market post-graduation. On a practical level, GA positions also provide amenities such as a stipend and tuition remission that help defray the costs of graduate education.

Although a GA appointment is not required for enrollment in MSU’s Student Affairs master’s program, a majority of students enrolled in the program serve as a GA for the duration of the two-year program. Exceptions may be considered for students who work full-time in local colleges or universities.

Please note that the Graduate Admissions and Graduate Assistantship processes parallel one another. A GA offer does not guarantee admission to the Student Affairs master’s program; and admission to the Student Affairs master’s program does not guarantee a GA appointment. Therefore, we strongly encourage candidates to apply early for both so that both the admissions and GA decisions can be made in close proximity to one another.

Student Affairs GA Insight Days

Applicants to the MS in EDLD/Student Affairs & Higher Education and the PhD in EDLD/Higher Education Leadership programs who are interested in Graduate Assistantships should complete two separate applications by February 1st to meet the Priority Deadline for the program:

  1. Submit an application to MSU’s graduate school for admission into the master’s program; and
  2. Submit an application to the Division of Student Affairs to be included in interviews for Graduate Assistantships connected to our graduate program.

Interviews for Division of Student Affairs Graduate Service Assistantships (GSA) are held each Spring for the following Fall term at MSU Student Affairs GA Insight Days. GA Insight Days provide prospective students with advance opportunities to interview for Graduate Assistantships, meet colleagues from the graduate program and the Division of Student Affairs, speak with faculty about your academic and career goals, and learn more about what it means to be a graduate student in Student Affairs at MSU. All applicants to the master’s program and doctoral students seeking Division of Student Affairs assistantships are strongly encouraged to attend either on-site (preferred) or virtually (for international students or those who have scheduling conflicts or travel difficulties). This year’s Insight Days activities will take place:  

On-Site/Face-to-Face       February 1-2, 2024

Please review the Graduate Application tab for an overview of the complete application procedure and timeline.

We hope to meet you at Student Affairs GA Insight Days and introduce you to a campus and community that will, no doubt, impress. We are excited at the prospect of having you join us for a dynamic graduate school experience in Starkville, MS.

(last updated 9/21/2023)

Please direct additional inquiries about Insight Days to:

Dr. Jason K. Wallace
Assistant Professor
Higher Education Leadership Graduate Programs
Department of CHEF (Counseling, Higher Education Leadership, Educational Psychology, & Foundations)

E-mail: jkwallace@colled.msstate.edu