Graduate Funding Opportunities: MS Student Affairs & Higher Education (SAHE) & PhD Higher Education Leadership (HEL)

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Our Graduate Programs in Higher Education Leadership, now housed within the Department of Counseling, Higher Education Leadership, Educational Psychology, & Foundations (CHEF), offer two transformative tracks for aspiring higher education professionals:

  1. Master of Science (M.S.) in Student Affairs & Higher Education (SAHE):
    • Prepare for entry-level leadership roles in higher education institutions or adjacent organizations.
    • Emphasis on enhancing the college student experience and promoting student success.
    • Blend academic learning with practical work experience (encouraged throughout the program).
    • Explore funding through a full-time job at MSU, Graduate Service Assistantships in Student Affairs, or other assistantship roles at MSU.
    • Program details can be found here.
  2. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Higher Education Leadership (HEL):
    • Designed for seasoned professionals aiming to amplify their scholarly and executive leadership in the higher education landscape.
    • Opportunities for career and scholarly advancement through full-time positions, Graduate Research Assistantships, or other assistantship roles at MSU.
    • Program details can be found here.

Please Note:

  • Admissions and job or assistantship appointments at MSU are processed separately.
  • Securing a position doesn’t guarantee program admission and vice versa.

Engage in a journey of intellectual and professional growth to make a meaningful impact in higher education. Discover more about our programs and embark on your path towards becoming a pivotal player in the student affairs realm!

Please direct additional inquiries to:

Dr. Jason Wallace
Assistant Professor
Higher Education Leadership Graduate Programs
Department of CHEF (Counseling, Higher Education Leadership, Educational Psychology, & Foundations)